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Celebrating the Success of Vaccines in Canada

National Immunization Awareness Week is April 23-29, 2017. Immunization protects individuals and communities by preventing the spread of disease. As more people are immunized the disease risk for everyone is reduced. Immunization has probably saved more lives in Canada in the last 50years than any other health intervention. Immunization is the single most cost-effective health investment, making it a cornerstone in the effort to promote health. Get the facts by visiting https://www.immunize.ca/

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Pertussis Outbreak Continues

Pertussis (whooping cough) outbreak continues for the City of Moose Jaw. Pertussis is a potentially serious and highly contagious infection of the lungs and throat. If unsure of your or your family memberís immunization status, contact your local public health office. For contact numbers and the full media release please click here.

Letter from Public Health

Pertussis Fact Sheet

Transforming the Provincial Health System

Weekly updates will be posted on the Government's progress on transitioning from 12 Regional Health Authorities to a single Provincial Health Authority. Click here to read current and past updates.