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New Hospital Move Details

All services will be transitioning to the new hospital between October 19 and 21.  A number of services will be affected leading up to and during this time.


Outpatient Services

  • Emergency Room Services Come to the ER at the new hospital beginning the morning of October 20 at 7:30 AM.    Turn into the Emergency entrance off of Diefenbaker Drive and proceed to the Emergency room.  Park in the short term parking adjacent to the door.
  • Outpatient Lab Services – Between October 17 and October 22 use community based locations for lab work.  Click here for locations and hours.
  • Outpatient X-Ray – X-Ray services will be available at MJUH on October 19 and available at the new hospital beginning October 20. 

Patient Admissions

The safety of our patients will be of utmost concern in the weeks surrounding our move.  Because of this, additional options will be considered for some patients who would normally be admitted to the hospital in Moose Jaw including utilizing community physician services, home care services, and transfers to rural acute care hospitals.  This will be done to ensure we have a manageable number and mix of patients to safely transfer.


Learning about the New Hospital – How do I get there and where do I go when I arrive? Click here for information sheet.