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Mental Health Approved Homes represent the residential component of the range of services offered through the Recovery Program at Mental Health and Addictions Services. The Mental Health Approved Home must operate according to the requirements in the Mental Health Services Act and Regulations and the Mental Health Approved Home Operator Manual.


• Acquired Brain Injury Partnership Program
• Approved Homes
• Connects Program
• Depot Clinic
• Detoxification
• Diversion/Discharge Support Programs
• Family Education/Support
• Recovery Program
• Residential Opportunities
• Shared Management Program

Case Managers (Community Mental Health Nurses) develop community support plans that include, but are not restricted to, coordination of supports for clients needing residential placements. The goal of the Mental Health Approved Home Program is to provide family living in a safe home that offers adequate space and meets health and fire requirements. Mental Health Approved Homes are responsible for helping with emotional support, supervision, and often trusteeship in relation to client finances. Nutritious food, medication management, self help, skill teaching and encouragement represent important aspects of the approved homes. There are 32 approved home spaces in Moose Jaw. A Community Mental Health Nurse is responsible for overseeing the licensing requirements of each home in addition to assessing personal suitability of the operator.



The Mental Health Approved Home Program is a voluntary service offered through the Recovery Program at Mental Health and Addictions Services. Most clients in Mental Health Approved Homes have severe mental illness or a disorder that has remained active for at least one year and often several years. This program services Recovery Program clients whose support services are coordinated by a Community Mental Health Nurse. Placement or separation in an approved home occurs under the direction of the Residential Coordinator in consultation with the case manager and the client’s psychiatrist. The client makes the decision to reside in a Mental Health Approved Home and in which home they would like to live.


Discharge, Transfer or Completion

Clients who require approved home placements frequently require placement on a long-term basis. On occasion, the client may transfer from one approved home setting to another, with the support and direction of the Community Mental Health Nurse.  Movement to and from approved homes is closely monitored by the Community Mental Health Nurses and the Residential Coordinator. Approved home operators have the right to decide who will live in their home and under what conditions; however, potential residents often do not fit the ideal model and compromises and trial periods are sometimes necessary on both sides.


Other Information

The information provided is from the Mental Health Approved Home Program Operator Manual, Community Care Branch, Saskatchewan Health. Detailed information on the program is provided in this handbook.