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Hospital Services - Cardiopulmonary Services




55 Diefenbaker Drive

Moose Jaw SK  S6J 0C2

Phone: 306-694-0285


8:00 am – 4:30 pm weekdays, excluding holidays
9:00 am – 4:00 pm weekends

• Outpatient Services
Inpatient Services
• Neonatal Care
• ECG Services


Access: An appointment is required for Holter and Pacemaker checks. 
Call 306-694-0285 for bookings. No appointment required for an ECG test. 


Resting ECG:  A resting ECG is a report of the heart’s electrical activity.   The technologist will ask you to remove your clothing above the waist to allow electrode placement on the chest.  The test takes about 10 minutes.  The ECG report is read by a physician and the interpreted ECG is sent to the referring doctor.


Cardiac Stress Testing:  A cardiac stress test is a continuous ECG tracing and blood pressure monitoring during exercise.  Your physician will book the test with an Internal Medicine Specialist who will be present at your test. Cardiac stress tests are booked through the Internist’s office. 


Holter Monitoring (appointment required):  A Holter monitor test is a 24-hour ECG recording.  The monitor is connected with leads to your chest and is worn from your appointment time till the following day when the Technologist removes it.  You will write your activities and any symptoms in a diary while the monitor is worn. 

Pacemaker Check (appointment required):  Your pacemaker function can be checked with a magnet and ECG recording.  Changes to your pacemaker are done at the Pacemaker Clinic at the Regina General Hospital.