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Mental Health & Addictions
Child and Youth Services


110 Ominica Street West
Moose Jaw, SK  S6H 6V2

Phone: 306-690-1288      

Mental health promotion and decreased substance abuse initiatives are intended to promote health and mental wellness for the citizens in Five Hills Health Region.  Assisting people to create and maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is done in a variety of ways.


Public education and information is aimed at improving individual coping and general living skills.  Some mental health promotion programs are designed to create healthier workplaces or develop better parenting skills.

• Assessments
• Early Social Skills Program
• Family Outreach
• Group Programs
• Health Promotion
• KidsFirst
• High School Based Services
• Suicide Intervention
• Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Community Youth Services


Others are intended to address problems in society that are known to influence mental health, such as poverty, literacy, education or skills, and social support.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Moose Jaw Branch

CMHA Moose Jaw branch is a Health Care Organization (HCO) that provides mental health promotion, public education and prevention information and literature on mental health and mental illness for Five Hills Health Region. This organization is dedicated to educating the public about mental illness and about the strengths and abilities of persons with severe mental illness. Over time, these kinds of programs hope to reduce the stigma these individuals still face every day and pave the way for understanding, inclusion and full citizenship.

CMHA, Moose Jaw Branch is located at:

650 Coteau Street West
Moose Jaw, SK  S6H 5E6
Phone: 306-692-4240 
CMHA website