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Medical Assistance in Dying


We appreciate that medical assistance in dying is a deeply personal matter for many people. It is a complex issue that has implications for patients and families, health care providers, and health policy and programs.


Medical assistance in dying is available in Canada after June 6, 2016 as one option in end of life care, to inviduals who meet certain criteria.


Federal legislation with respect to medical aid in dying has been passed. There is also a policy for the College of PHysicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan. The Five Hills Health Region's processes for providing access to this service are consistent with the legislation and policy. For more information please visit the Government of Saskatchewan's website.


Government of Saskatchewan - Medical Assistant in Dying


Assistance is available in Five Hills, to those who meet the criteria, through a pooled referral process. Patients, family members or care providers with specific requests can phone 306-694-0231 or email inquiries@fhhr.ca. In order to protect the confidentiality of patients and providers, Five Hills will not be providing any information about any individual patients, families or physicians involved in medical assistance in dying cases unless they have expressly requested that the Region do so and provide appropriate signed consents.