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QI - Voice of the Customer

In 2009-2010, the Ministry of Health set out a requirement for health regions to develop, implement and publicly release a plan to engage the customer.

• Quality of Care
• Patient Safety
• Voice of the Customer

Five Hills Health Region understands the necessity and importance of hearing and acting on the Voice of our Customers.  All health care service users, whether patients, long term care residents, clients of community-based services, family members or potential service users, are our customer.  The Voice of the Customer includes stories, experiences, suggestions, complaints and compliments. 

Listening and responding to the Voice of the Customer is vitally important to improve communication between service users and staff.  Effectively engaging the Voice of the Customer will help the Region in providing accessible and responsive services based on people’s identified needs and wants.  Initiatives driven by customers result in safer health care environments, better management of chronic conditions, fewer complaints and decreased length of stay in hospital.  Addressing the Voice of the Customer benefits the Region by uncovering current problems in care delivery and shaping quality improvement initiatives to resolve them. 

The Five Hills Health Region values its customers and has several service commitments to you.  Click here to view the Service Commitments and for an opportunity for you to tell us how we did.