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Hospital Services - Maternity

The arrival of a newborn is a very exciting time!! On average, new mothers spend two days in the hospital, in which time they can rest and work with trained professionals (Lactation specialist available upon referral) who provide education and support. Visiting guidelines allow the needs of mothers and babies to come first and reduce the risk of contracting illnesses which may be transmitted by visitors.
Women’s Health Unit has 4 Labour-Delivery-Recovery-Post-partum (LDRP) rooms, 2 post-partum rooms, 1 operating room and one non-stress test room.  There is a Level 2 Nursery, and Breastfeeding Room.  The regional hospital delivers on average 600 babies per year and provides delivery post-partum and newborn care as well as caesarean section deliveries and post-operative care.  Provide 24 hour obstetrical outpatient clinic.

Ante-partum patients are referred to the Women’s Health Unit by the physician.  Labour patients come when labour starts are assessed by obstetrical staff and admitted by their physician.

High risk obstetrical patients are transferred to Regina General Hospital.  The delivery of all patients in premature labour with a gestational age of less than 35 weeks gestation is planned to occur at the Regina General Hospital for access to the neonatal ward.  All obstetrical patients and babies are followed up by our Maternal Visiting Program.  Babies with complications are transferred to our tertiary care center, Regina General Hospital NICU by the NICU Transport team and ambulance.

The regional hospital also offers the following:

  • 24 hour rooming in for baby
  • Facilitates overnight accommodation for significant other
  • Bath demonstration given for new parents
  • Sensitivity to individual patient requests
  • Assistance with the initiation of breast feeding
  • Gestational Diabetic Program
  • Pre-booked tours of the Women Health Unit are given by the Director on Saturdays at 2:30.

Dr. Kruger – 550 Main St. N, Moose Jaw – 694-2082
Dr. Soyege – 101-290-4th Ave NE, Moose Jaw – 691-6684
Dr. Yusuf – 102-290-4th Ave NE, Moose Jaw – 693-0925
Family Doctors Practicing Obstetrics
Dr. Brown – 694-4090
Dr. Braun – 693-3355
Dr. Thorpe – 691-0030
Dr. Dautremont – 692-0200
Dr. Rininsland – 693-0877
Dr. Geyer – 693-5955