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The Region's Spiritual Care Services Department offers spiritual and emotional support to patients/residents, families and staff through the coordination of its services with that provided by local faith communities.

     Our mission is to...

  • Provide spiritual and religious support to all patients/residents, families, and staff who request these services by connecting them to pastoral and volunteer spiritual caregivers from their own faith communities.

  • Offer spiritual care to those who have no religious affiliation and require assistance with the meaning of suffering, illness, healing and recovery.

  • Serve as a link between health care providers and local faith communities, offering mutual support and education in spiritual caregiving.

  • Orientate, coordinate, and supervise pastoral and volunteer spiritual caregivers, providing them with support.

  • Provide opportunities for counsel, worship, memorials, mediation, and other spiritual care services.

  • Recognize the importance of Multi-cultural and Multi-faith issues as they pertain to the holistic care of patients/residents/clients.

Every individual is a spiritual being. Spiritual Care Services encourages the awareness and development of each person's own spirituality. Although often nurtured and expressed within an external religious framework, spirituality entails personal appropriation and may be expressed in subjective ways such as the love of beauty, music, art, nature, or family.