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Join the health care team.
Become a volunteer spiritual caregiver.

The Spiritual Caregiver is a qualified volunteer trained to identify and visit patients/residents who wish to be visited by a representative from their faith community. Those granted special visiting privileges must visit in accordance with the guidelines and policies of the health care facility and the Spiritual Care Services Department. Orientation workshops are presented on a regular basis. These sessions prepare the applicant for the visitation ministry. Further educational seminars are presented on a regular basis.

Orientation Workshop Topics

The Definition and Principles of Spiritual Care Ministry
The Qualifications and Activities of the Spiritual Caregiver
Practical Guidelines for Spiritual Care Visitors
Hospital Etiquette and Ethics
The Constitution of a Meaningful and Valuable Visit

For further information and applications contact:

David Howick
Spiritual Care Coordinator
Telephone: (306)694-0214 - Fax: (306)694-0282