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Open Presence (Visiting Hours) in Five Hills Health

We recognize that family members are important to the overall well-being of you; the client. We welcome family members to be with you whenever you would like to have them present. That's why the Region no longer has specific visiting hours. Learn more about Open Presence by referencing the links below.


Open Presence General Guidelines

Open Presence Frequently Asked Questions

Supporting Family Presence in Health Care Brochure

Patient Family-Centred Care Opportunities

Have you ever been a patient, or had a family member who was? If so, we may have an important job for you!  Not as the subject of a research study, but as a Patient or Family Advisor.


These are patients and family members of patients who have been (or currently are) in the healthcare system.  They offer valuable insight to staff, physicians, and management from a user’s point of view.  They work with front-line staff to try to make the healthcare system run more effectively for patients and families.


Learn more by reading through the 'Patient and Family Advisor Handbook'.


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Click here to email our Director of Community Engagement to sign up to help.